Come Get Your C&O Winter Apparel

We are primed and ready to go for the next Caffeine and Octane, Sunday, November 2nd. Did we mention that Caffeine and Octane swag makes the perfect Christmas gift? If you’re not an early shopper, you should still stop by the merchandise trailer and check out our new winter apparel. Caffeine and Octane is located at 12600 Deerfield Pkwy, just west of Ga 400 on Windward Pkwy. Finally, we have a few public service announcements:

• All the local businesses, Mambo Jambo, Taziki’s, Panera Bread, and Home Depot appreciates your patronage. They all make Caffeine and Octane possible.
• Please do not sit on the curbs, encourage burnouts, or speeding. We want to keep Caffeine and Octane safe and fun for everyone.
• Please to not park in the Spring Hill Suites parking lot, or the driveway entrance. You can park at Home Depot, for they have generously let us use their lot, but please do not park inside the taped off areas.
• Portable rest rooms are available behind the Mambo Jambo restaurant.

We can’t wait to see everyone, Sunday, November 2nd.


Join Us At Our October Show

Don’t miss the next Caffeine and Octane on Sunday, October 5th located at 12600 Deerfield Parkway in Alpharetta. We had a great crowd at the last show, and now that the weather is cooling off, we hope to see an even bigger crowd come out and enjoy the cars and hopefully a beautiful fall morning. Below are a couple of housekeeping items to help Caffeine and Octane stay safe and enjoyable for everyone.

· Please do not sit on the curbs near the exits or encourage speeding or burnouts.
· Home Depot has expressed support for the show, but please do not park in front of their taped off pickup areas. Do be sure to stop by to pick up supplies for your Sunday afternoon chores.
· Also, please do not park at the Spring Hill Suites parking lot, or driveway entrance.
· The Mambo Jambo lot is for “show” cars only. Spectator parking is located at Home Depot.
· No trailers please.
· Portable restrooms are available behind the Mambo Jambo.

Please help support our sponsors; they are an integral part of the show. Be sure to visit Mambo Jambo, Taziki’s and Panera to get your fill of caffeine and breakfast to help fuel your morning.


See You At Deerfield Parkway Sunday, September 7th

The next Caffeine & Octane is September 7th. Meet us at 12600 Deerfield Parkway, in Alpharetta, GA off Windward Parkway.

We had a big crowd last month and some incredible cars and if the weather cooperates, we’re looking forward to another great gathering of enthusiasts showing all makes and models.

Let’s keep Caffeine & Octane safe and fun for everyone!

· Please do not encourage burnouts at the exit
· Please do not sit on the curbs at the exit
· No speeding and no engine revving (neighboring hotels have complained)
· We know space is tight but please follow the No Parking signs and do not park on the grass
· Once again, no drones or UAV’s, the risk to the spectators and cars is our concern

Every sponsor tent represents a company that is supporting the show, so please make sure to support their business.
Also make sure to visit, Mambo Jambo, Taziki’s and Panera for breakfast.

Thank you for all of your support.