Join Us For 4th Of July Weekend

Spend a great holiday weekend with some old and new friends at the next Caffeine & Octane on Sunday July 6th. Meet us at 12600 Deerfield Parkway and feel free to park in the office lot, the restaurant lot or even over by Panera Bread as all three areas are officially part of the show.

We had another big turnout and some great cars again last month, even with a little threatening weather, so join us before your cookout!

Once again:
· No speeding
· No engine reeving (people are sleeping in neighboring hotels and we don’t want any complaints)
· Respect the police! Please do not encourage burnouts at the exit.
· Do not park on the grass

Please make sure to thank our sponsors who keep this event going. In addition, please make sure to visit, Mambo Jambo, Taziki’s and Panera for breakfast. One last reminder, if you park by Home Depot, do not block landscape materials especially at this busy time of year.

Caffeine & Octane thanks you for all of your support.


Start The Summer With C&O This Weekend

Don’t miss a chance to start off June right with Caffeine & Octane this Sunday! May’s show was a big success and we’re looking forward to having you back for another great turnout. We appreciate your efforts to be safe and courteous so we can continue using our wonderful venue. Be mindful of your speeds and please do not do any burnouts or lay drag.

Below are photo highlights from May’s show. We hope to see you there this Sunday!


Weather Can’t Hold Us Back

Mark your calendars; the next Caffeine & Octane is Sunday May 4th.
We had a little drizzle and it did get chilly last month but that didn’t seem to keep a big crowd from coming out to enjoy a great collection of cars. If the weather cooperates, we should have an even bigger turnout this month.
Remember the rules:
· No speeding
· No engine reeving
· Please do not encourage burnouts at the exit. Alpharetta will ticket any illegal behavior by drivers.
· Do not park on the grass
Thanks for not blocking Home Depot landscape materials last month…please allow them clear access again this month.
Caffeine & Octane is a great event thanks to you (and our sponsors). We appreciate all your support.


Sunny Skies For April Ahead

Rare cars or classic trucks? March was our biggest crowd yet after a few months of bad weather. Our next gathering is Sunday, April 6th and hopefully both the cars and the sun will be shining.

Some reminders and common sense:
• No revving of engines. Some local merchants have complained and we do not need to be shut down due to noise problems
• DO NOT BLOCK Home Depot access to landscaping materials. If they have tape up, do not park in front or they will tow your car!
• Do not park on the grass

Stop by Mambo Jambo, Tazikis, Panera or new this month, Volcano Asian Bistro for a great breakfast.

Home Depot has been supportive of Caffeine & Octane. Please make sure to stop by, make a small purchase after the show and say thanks.

Once again, we appreciate your ongoing support of our sponsors who help cover the expenses and keep the show going.


Be Safe And Have Fun This Month

We had a great event in February even considering it was a little damp and cold. This coming Sunday, March 2nd, as the weather warms, should bring an even bigger assortment of special cars and car enthusiasts.

Once again, we want to ask everyone to be respectful and drive safely. As you may have heard, a similar event in Charlotte, NC was permanently cancelled because of someone driving irresponsibly. The Alpharetta police are on hand to help manage traffic but they will not hesitate to ticket or even impound cars and drivers that act illegally. Please do not be the person to ruin the show for everyone else and do not encourage drivers to burn out or speed.

We appreciate your ongoing support of our sponsors who help cover the expenses and keep the show going. Our neighbors from Home Depot to Spring Hill Suites have been supportive as well as Mambo Jambo, Tazikis and Panera (on the other side of the trees) who provide some great breakfast. Please make sure to stop by, make a purchase and say thank you.

See you on Sunday!