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Finding A New Location For Caffeine and Octane

Well it’s been a great 4 years at the Avenue East Cobb, but as you might have expected we’ve outgrown the venue. Management at the Avenue has informed me that they have a new resturuant client moving in and that they will need the room on Sunday morning for their employee parking.

We will be holding the December event at the Avenue, but starting in January we will be at a new location still to be determined.

With that said I can use all the help I can get to find a new location. Obviously we’d like it to be relatively close to our current site, have more parking and a good place for the “caffeine” portion of our gathering. Geographically we need to be roughly from East Cobb to Sandy Springs to Johns Creek to Milton and back towards East Cobb. Within this area is where the bulk of our attendees hail from.

I’m convinced we bring a good deal of revenue to a location. We just need to find a property owner that can think outside the box.

If you have any leads on a possible location please email me from our contact page and lets talk.

With the right location I am convinced we can continue to grow this show into the premier event of its type in the country.

Mark Ritter